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The Creative Process, Double Dynamo Style


My creative process seems to fall into two general categories of activity. The first happens so quickly that it hardly deserves to be called a process: the image just pops into my head fully formed. Making the image a reality takes time and some details may change along the way, but I am never in doubt of the goal. Double Dynamo‘s core gameplay (based on dual N-back) is a good example of this first sort of creativity. After four months of work the game itself still plays nearly identically to my 2-week prototype.

On the other hand, I find myself immersed in the second sort of activity when I am not at all certain what the final result will look like. Sometimes I’m not ever sure what problem I’m trying to solve, if any. This process remains mostly inexplicable, but as far as I can tell it amounts to a willingness to rabbit-hole – Continue reading The Creative Process, Double Dynamo Style