To Launch An App — Intro


Index of TLAA Updates


As Double Dynamo gets closer to launch, the question people ask me most often is, how am I planning to get the word out there? Three months ago I had no idea, but I’ve done some research and I have a strategy:

  • Build the best, most compelling product possible, given the resources available
  • Build relationships with others in the industry
  • Communicate progress and keep fans in the loop leading up to launch

It’s easy to forget that the development process can appear opaque from the outside. This is why I’m announcing a new series of updates: To Launch an App: a Dev Log. Each update will be brief and will cover what I accomplished over the last week (or few days) and what I plan to work on over the next week, plus lessons learned. This process will also help to keep me organized, keep me honest, and provide a record that I and other devs can look back on for insight and direction.

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